We like to give playing tips on Tee It Up Grand Strand so today we are going to give our tips on how to play the Par 3s at DiamondBack Golf Club at Woodland Valley.  DiamondBack is a fun golf course that has many great holes and the par 3s are fun to play, but they will challenge golfers as well.  That is where we can help.  As always we take an amateur point of view when we give out playing tips.  We are amateurs and most of our readers are too so it makes sense to do it this way right?  Right!!  So let’s take a look at this modern Russell Breeden design.

The first par 3 we get to play is the 134 yard 4th hole (all yardages from the middle tees).  Each of the four par 3s at DiamonBack have water to navigate so prepare for it now.  The water is just left of the tee boxes so it really does not effect us here.  There is natural wetland to contend with short of the green, but good club selection should take it out of play.  The green also has two to the right so we need to protect against blocking the ball out to the right.  The green in nice sized.  Overall we should be fine with a solid tee shot to the middle of the putting surface.  That is the safe play and should lead to a par for sure or maybe even birdie depending of pin placement.

The 8th hole is up next.  Only 108 yard hole but it is all over water and a large bunker that stretches the entire length of the green across the front of the green.  We need to take enough club to carry all the trouble.  Short is bad and long is safe so be smart.  At such a short yardage we should get excited about having a shot at birdie here.  The green is large so hitting it should not be a problem.  Any score higher than par here would be a big disappointment.

As we turn our attention to the back nine now we get the next par 3 at the 125 yard 12th hole.  We see this hole from Hwy 9 just before we turn onto the entrance road to the course.  Once again we have to carry water but this time it runs all the way to the green.  There is a small bailout area of fairway short and right of the putting surface but that is not the target.  The green is nice sized so we need to pull the right club and go for it.  The hole tends to play slightly longer than it looks so be smart.  Short is no place to be.  If we don’t let the water intimidate us we should be in line for no worse than par here.  Take a confident swing off the tee and we should be just fine.

The final par 3 at DiamondBack Golf Club is the 180 yard 16th hole.  Obviously much longer than the rest of the par 3s this hole provides a much tougher challenge than the rest.  A long narrow pond guards short and left of the hole from about the halfway mark.  There are two nice sized bunkers short and on both sides of the green.  Club selection is paramount here.  A mistake can lead to a big number for sure.  The best place to miss the green is long so do not be afraid of too much club.  Par is a very good score on this hole.  It is a great challenge to wrap up the rounds par 3s though and we like a challenge.

For more information or to make a tee time visit the website www.playdiamondbackgolf.com or call the golf shop at 843.756.3264

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