Arcadian Shores Golf Club is the location of Tee It Up Grand Strand today.  We stop in and see our good friend, Frank Coughlin for a putting tip.  Frank is the PGA Head Golf Professional and General Manager at Aracadian Shores and a veteran golf instructor.  We always pay attention when Frank is giving golf tips of any kind.  Let’s find out what Frank has for us today.

Frank calls putting the “great equalizer”.  It does not matter what the putt is for.  Birdie or par or bogey or even a snowman.  If the putt goes in the hole it saves another stroke.  If golfers 2-putt every green during a round of golf that is only 36 strokes of the total score.  Hopefully we will make a couple 1-putts during the round and that will cut down some strokes to make the scorecard look even better.  Putting, in Frank’s mind, is the most important part of the game when it comes to determining the score.  Many strokes can be saved with some made putts.

The two main things in putting are of course, the line and the speed of the putt.  Frank likes to concentrate more on the speed and less on the line.  He feels the reason the speed of a putt is more important than the line is very simple.  If the line of the putt is perfect and the speed is too slow, it is not physically possible for the golf ball to go into the hole.  Conversely if the speed is right and the line is a little off there is still a chance the ball may catch the edge of the hole and get lucky and fall into the cup.

There is a simple putting drill that Frank teaches his golf students as well as using it for his own game.  It takes four or five golf balls.  He starts with a ball about two feet from the hole all the balls are 2-3 feet from each other getting farther from the hole.  He starts at the ball closest to the hole and putts it into the cup.  He backs up to each ball and putts them in the cup.  He does not move onto another spot to start the drill over again until he makes every putt in the line.  This is a very easy way to work on concentration on the speed of the putts.  This drill can also be done with balls placed in a circle around the hole giving different angles to putt from.  It really is a simple drill.

As Frank says, “3-Putts are no bieno”.  Make sure to take time to practice putting.  It will save stroke off the scorecard for sure.  To schedule a lesson with Frank visit



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