We have the opportunity on this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand to visit with the superintendent Paul Kaufman at Prestwick Country Club.  It is springtime in Myrtle Beach and the golf courses are going through a transition from the winter conditions to the spring and summer conditions.  It is a process that is not simple or easy to control or maintain while golfers are playing the course daily but all superintendents around the Grand Strand have to deal with it every year and Paul as is as good as it gets when it comes to keeping his golf course in tip top condition.  Today he explains to us what goes into the process of keeping Prestwick one of the best manicured courses on the beach.

Paul tells us that one of the questions he gets the most is the transition between grasses that thrive in the winter compared to the summer.  What is does is provide green grass for the visit golfers that come from the cold wintry northern part of the country.  The course will overseed the tees and fairways and leave the bermuda rough alone to go dormant and turn brown.  The golfers love the look of the contrasting colors as they look at the holes from the tee boxes.  And we all know that keeping the golfers happy is the main focus of all of us here in the golf industry in Myrtle Beach.

As far as how they manage the transition from rye grass to bermuda grass is more of a process that runs into a smooth transition that the golfers will not even recognize. The ideal situation would be that the bermuda grows in nice and green as the winter rye dies out.  If those two things happen at the same time and in sync that makes the fairways and tee boxes look very clean and plush through the transition.  It is not always that easy.  It normally is a challenge.

Fighting the weed grass is the toughest part of the job that Paul and his staff face each year during the transition period.  The weed grass is green and isn’t necessarily unhealthy but it is not the dominant grass type that he wants on the golf course.  The bermuda is the best grass surface for the golfers to play on and he and his staff work tirelessly to make that happen and keep Prestwick high on the list of best conditioned courses in Myrtle Beach.

For more information or to make a tee time visit www.prestwickcountryclub.com or call the golf shop at 843.293.4100


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