Once again on we find ourselves helping golfers play one of our partner courses on this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand.  We visit Farmstead Golf Links right on the North Carolina/South Carolina border.  In fact, there are holes in both states!  A very unique situation for any golf course.  Will give some tips on how to play the par 5s (and par 6) on this fun layout.  As usual our tips are from the amateur perspective, since that is what we are.

The 4th hole is the first of the par 5s and at 501 yards long it is a strong start.  The long, straight fairway is guarded by trees along the right side off the tee.  A solid tee shot sets up a good second shot down that needs to be down the right hand side to avoid trees along the left.  The approach shot is probably the most demanding shot on the hole.  The green is completely surrounded by bunkers.  Club selection is extremely important if we want to have a good score.  Par is very good here.  Stay out of the greenside traps and we should have a good chance at that.

Up next is the ninth hole that is the easiest of the par 5s at just 461 yards.  This is a shot at eagle for long hitters and a definite good chance at birdie for the rest of us.  After a tee shot to an open fairway we need to avoid the pot bunkers about 75 yards short of the green on the left and we have a wedge shot into the green. If we do this we have a green light special on the approach.  Go for the pin and get the birdie!The 14th hole is the shortest of the par 5s at 455 yards.  It is still a challenge to be sure.  Water guards the right side of the fairway the last 125 yards or so all the way down to the green.  The water awaits wayward second shots and can crush scorecards.  Obviously this hole is reachable in two for longer hitters but ball placement is key for both long and short hitters as we come into the green.  Birdie is possible here and par should be made.  Anything higher than that is a real disappointment on this hole.

We reach the 18th hole.  The par 6, yes we said par 6.  It measures 679 yards from the white tees.  The fairway is very large off the tee and really for the second shot as well.  We then have to deal with the pond that runs the left side of the fairway to the green as the hole doglegs left around the water.  Aggressive players will try to cut some of the hole off and play the 3rd shot over the corner of the water and try to reach the green (or at least get close).  The safe play is to continue to play around the water and leave a straight in approach shot from about 100 yards or so.  From there we can take a shot at the flag on the large, flat green.  It may sound crazy but we should make a par with no problem if the first three shots are solid.  It is a unique and ridiculously fun way to finish a great golf course.

For more information or to make a tee time visit the website www.farmsteadgolflinks.com or call the golf shop at 910.575.7999.

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