On this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand we visit the International Club of Myrtle Beach, located in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina.  Tucked away just off highway 17 south in an amazing environment of tall Carolina pines and winding streams and wetlands.  It is a great golf course for golfers of all ages and ability levels to play.  This visit we take a look at how best to play the par 3s.  As always we look at this from an amateur’s point of view.

The first par 3 of the day is found at the 3rd hole.  This 158 yard hole is fairly straightforward.  The important part is to pay attention to pin placement as to make sure of selecting the right club.  The putting green is very deep so if the tee shot finds the opposite side of the green it could lead to the dreaded 3-putt.  Other than the front right bunker there is nothing guarding the green which allows us to ease into the par 3s.

Next up is hole No. 6 with a much tougher tee shot.  The putting surface has a pond guarding the front and a bunker behind the green.  This 172 yard par 3 give plenty of challenge off the tee to be sure, but never fear, once on the green it does get easier.  A large, flattish green will be a relatively easy 2 putt once we have putter in hand.  A par is a very good score on this hole.

The par 3 11th hole has a very well guarded green.  Water wraps all the green from front right to back left.  As if the water was not enough, there are two sand traps short and right of the putting surface.  Needless to say, club selection is paramount here.  The good news is, the green is large and receptive.  Once again, walking away with a par is great.  But a double-bogey is just as likely if the tee shot is wayward.

The final par 3 of the round is a solid golf hole.  The 14th hole is a 165 yard hole that is a solid chance at birdie for golfers.  A 40-yard deep green makes golfers pay attention to pin placement for proper club selection.  The putting surface is very receptive, which leads to a good chance at birdie with a good tee shot.  Take aim and sink the putt!!Local and vacationing golfers alike need to play the International Club if they want to have a fun and high end golf experience at a great value.  For more information or to make a tee time visit www.internationalclubgolf.com


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