We have some fun on Tee It Up Grand Strand today as we talk about the best way to play the par 5s at Beachwood Golf Club in North Myrtle Beach.  As always we take the amateur approach to playing the the course because, after all, we are amateurs.  This is fun!  Beachwood is a fun course to play and they have some good par 5s.

We get right to it on the very first hole.  No.1 is a longish hole that plays 513 from the white tees (where most amateurs should play from).  It is a pretty straightforward hole.  Long straight fairway that is tree lined on each side.  Accuracy of the tee helps, but it is not a narrow fairway so their is some room to roam with the first tee ball of the day.  Since it is probably a 3 shot hole for us, we like a long mid iron or maybe a hybrid for the layout shot depending on how close to the green we want to play the approach shot from.  Take a wedge into the largish green and take a stab at getting the round off with a birdie.  There is no better feeling!

The 9th hole is the next par 5 we get on the front side.  It is a 540 yard monster that is also fairly straightforward.  Definitely a 3 shot hole so play the tee shot to an area the sets up a good second shot.  A wedge will be in hand for the 3rd shot (hopefully) which is good.  The green is guarded on all sides by sand traps so accuracy is required.  Hit a nice high wedge into the green and close the side with confidence.

After stopping at the turn for “the world’s greatest golf course hot dogs” we head to the 14th hole for the next par 5.  This is a demanding, dog-leg left par 5.  Make sure to get the tee shot to the dog-leg or if not at least to the right hand side of the fairway to allow for a good angle to hit the second shot.  Again we want to leave a short iron in to the green as it is protected by 3 large bunkers.  This green is tricky so make sure to hit the proper side of the green on the approach.

The final par 5 at Beachwood is a slight, dog-leg right that has water in play on the second and approach shots.  It is 490 yard so longer hitters may have a chance at going for the green in 2 but be careful.  The water on the right hand side is waiting to add penalty strokes to the score.  The green is small and two bunkers guard the front.  It is a risk/reward shot when approaching this green.  Aggressiveness is encouraged, but golfers do that at their own risk!Visit the website www.beachwoodgolf.com to make a tee time and get out and try the par 5s!

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