We visit the amazingly beautiful Masonboro Golf Club in Wilmington, North Carolina today for another Tee It Up Grand Strand golf tip.  Masonboro has a fantastic golf school on property.  It is run by PGA Professional instructor Kirk Baker.  Lessons are always available with Kirk.  Just another amenity that makes Masonboro Golf Club a favorite course in Wilmington.


Carolina Coastal Golf Instruction is the name of Kirk’s school.  At the Carolina Coastal Golf Instruction they personalized instruction to golfers of all abilities. From 1-on-1 private lessons to corporate clinics and demonstrations, Kirk will customize golf instruction to fit the needs of any golfers.

On this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand Kirk talks about tilt in the golf swing and how it is important to the golf swing as a whole.  After gripping the club it is a natural tendency for amateur golfers to keep their shoulders level at address.  Actually the back shoulder should be lower than the front.  This is simply because the back hand is the lower hand on the club.  What this does is allow the club head to drive into the ball on the down swing and stay through the ball on the follow through.

When teaching golfers how to address the ball with the proper tilt Kirk has found that everyone is different.  Verbiage and communication when giving lessons is key to the golfer learning and improving.  Kirk speaks golf lingo but then he also is able to adapt to “non-golf” lingo if the student is not comprehending what he is trying to show them.  Sometimes a lack of understanding will make it even harder for the golfer to learn and change their swing.

Kirk is very good at adapting his teaching style to the golfer or golfers that he is giving lessons to at the time.  It does ZERO good to try to pound something into a golfers head that he/she does not understand.  This game is hard enough without golfers not understanding what they are being taught.  Taking the lesson and putting into words that the golfer can understand is what makes Kirk an exceptional instructor.  He understands his students and related the information to them accordingly.  A sign of a great teacher.

For more information on how to get signed up for lessons visit Masonborogolf.com or go straight to Kirk’s site carolinacoastalgolfinstruction.com.  Calling 919-770-6500 works too!!

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