Today on Tee It Up Grand Strand we visit Crow Creek Golf Club and talk with one of our favorite people on the beach, Jimmy Biggs.  Jimmy is the PGA Head Golf Professional at Crow Creek and he is going to tell us about all the course has been doing in preparation for closing down this summer and changing out their putting surfaces as well as what else they will be doing at Crow Creek this summer.  First, Jimmy takes us to the nursery green where the management and superintendent have been growing seven different types of bent grass to see how they grow and handle the weather.  Each type has different colors and characteristics.  It is all part of the strategy to determine which strain will work best.  They started the process last summer in preparation for changing out the greens this summer.  It is a long process as Jimmy explains to us.  They need to be absolutely sure which grass they want to us on the new greens to keep the putting surfaces on the list of best greens on the Grand Strand.

Many people along the beach has asked why bent grass over bermuda like almost every other course on the Grand Strand?  Bermuda is more of a natural grass for the southern heat and other weather conditions.  Jimmy and his staff are animate that bent grass is the best grass to putt on.

“Many people think that bent grass is the best grass to putt on year round” said Biggs.  “They are really a dream to putt on.  I mean a lot of people fall in love with these greens.  I am in love with these greens.”

“It’s actually very easy to putt on, you don’t have to worry about where the sun is” Biggs goes on to say.  “You can make putts any way you want!  You can make them left handed, upside down, backwards.  I mean I don’t know” brags Jimmy.

The course will re-open on October 2nd with a big grand re-opening.  It is going to be a big party and celebration of all the time and hard work put in by the superintendent and his staff to make Crow Creek Golf Club an even better golf experience than it already is.

For more information about when the course will close and how to get a tee time before hand or to make a tee time for after to experience the new greens visit the website


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