On this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand we head up to another of our favorite golf courses, Rivers Edge Golf Club in Shallotte, North Carolina.  Rivers Edge is home to PGA Head Professional, Jeff Pianelli.  Jeff is one of four finalist for the PGA Professional “Best of the Beach” awarded by TheGolfDirector.com and The Golf Director Magazine that will be coming out in January 2017.  A young golf pro from Plymouth, Pennsylvania he has been the Head Professional at Rivers Edge since November of 2013 and is truely a rising star in the golf industry in the Grand Strand.

Jeff is very excited to be a golf professional and a member of the PGA of America.  He gets up in the morning everyday and cannot wait to get to the golf course, walk into the clubhouse, get into the golf shop and get his day started doing the thing that he loves.  Being a PGA Head Professional.  It is this passion and commitment to being the best he can be that makes him one of the finalists for this award.

At Rivers Edge Golf Club, Jeff believes that the golf course is an extension of the people that work there.  First and foremost the experience at Rivers Edge starts with him.  He truly believes that it is his responsibility to make sure that each and every person that walks onto his facility golfers and non-golfers alike should be treated to the best experience that possibly can be provided by his staff and himself.

That approach does trickle down to his pro shop staff as they greet the golfers and check them in for their round.  It shows through the waitstaff in the bar and grill on the back side of the clubhouse.  They folks serve the golfers with a warm smile all day long.  It appears on the golf course as well.  It is very evident how much the superintendent and the grounds crew care by they amazing playing conditions they provide the golfers every day.   Jeff’s drive and enthusiastic approach to being at the course everyday is accentuated through his top shelf staff.

The daily challenge of how to make his golf course and the surrounding facilities the best they can be for the visiting golfers is what really drives Jeff.  He loves to look at the industry not only for the sport but also from the business side of things and work on making Rivers Edge a success from a business and financial standpoint as well.  Long gone are the days of the traditional “golf pro” that just hung out at the course and gave some lessons.  Jeff Pianelli is proving that and is quickly becoming an industry leader around the Grand Strand.

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