Par 3s can be intimidating to many amateur golfers so we offer some advice here on Tee It Up Grand Strand.  In particular we are gong to take a look at playing the 3 pars at Prestwick Country Club.  This Pete and P.B. Dye course is located just south of the Myrtle Beach airport and has some of the best par three holes on the Grand Strand.  Of course we give our playing tips from an amateur perspective because….well that is what we are.  We want to give tips from our experience playing these holes as many times as we have.  We hope it helps!

The first par 3 on the course is a tough little 163 yard hole.  The 5th hole has a small creek that runs from right to left in front of and along the left side of the green.  The putting surface is sloped severely from right to left from a tier in the middle of the green.  If the pin is back right it make for a very tough shot.  Be sure to hit a solid shot to the center of the green no matter where the flag is set.  With pot bunkers short right and back right the middle of the green is the place to play.  Par is a very good score.

The 8th hole is a long 193 yard par 3 that has two large bunkers protecting the front of the green.  There is a very large green behind those sand traps that provide a good target to hit long irons or hybrids into.  We cannot stress enough that club selection is key.  Don’t be afraid to take one extra club and put a good swing on it.  A bogey or worst awaits a tee shot into one of the traps.

As we reach the back nine we get to the best par 3 on the course.  The 135 yard 13th hole is a beautiful and fun hole to play.  A total carry over water to a tiered putting surface makes for an intimidating shot.  There are mounds behind the green that provide a great back drop to the hole.  Take a short or mid iron and a confident swing and hit the ball over the water onto the green.  If we land on the proper tier we could be looking at birdie.  Par should be the goal based simply on the intimidation factor off the tee.

The final par 3 is the 174 yard 16th hole.  This downhill shot from an elevated tee looks down on a huge green protected by a creek on the left side.  The green is pretty flat so make sure we have the right club for the yardage and put a good swing.  This is finally a hole that we can be thinking birdie from the tee!  Hitting the right part of the green based on the pin position gets us in birdie range for sure.

For more information or to make a tee time visit or call the golf shop at 843.293.4100

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