Jimmy Biggs, the PGA Head Golf Professional at Crow Creek Golf Club is a finalist for the Grand Strand PGA Professional “Best of the Beach” award.  We are very excited for our good friend Jimmy and he is the topic of this Tee It Up Grand Strand article.  Jimmy is on of four finalist for the award and the winner will be announced in the coming weeks on TheGolfDirector.com and will be highlighted in the upcoming Golf Director Golf Magazine that will released in January 2017.

Jimmy Biggs grew up in Southern California.  Both his father and grandfather were golf fanatics.  The two of them played alot of golf together and they took Jimmy along with them.   He grew up hanging around golf courses.  The courses in SoCal has programs for junior led by the club professionals and Jimmy took part in those programs and from that point on was hooked on golf.  It was not until a bit later in high school that he figured out that he wanted to make a living in the golf business but he fell in love with the game and knew he was hooked for life.

As a PGA golf professional, Jimmy is very driven to make this amazing game we all play even better than he found it.  To copy a bit from President- Elect Trump, he wants to “Make Golf Great Again”.  Jimmy recognizes they tough times that golf is falling on these days and has some strong ideas and thoughts on how to turn that trend around not only at his course at Crow Creek but all over.  He is a big believer in getting the young kids involved in the game as early as possible.  From his own background he knows that can grow golfers for life.  He also understands today’s society and the need for the game to be more fun and engaging to get the millennial involved.

Jimmy Biggs is a driven and passionate person that is an up and coming golf professional for sure.  His enthusiasm rubs off on his staff at Crow Creek and that in turn is projected onto the golfers that play the course, making Crow Creek an incredible experience for all who tee it up there.  He has quickly turned this fantastic course into one of the of the most popular courses along the Grand Strand.  The golf industry is lucky to have a young man like Jimmy Biggs.



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