River Oaks Golf Plantation is one of the most fun golf course atmospheres on the Grand Strand and that is where we find ourselves on this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand.  PGA Head Professional and General Manager, Scott Taylor takes us out in front of the clubhouse to their fantastic practice putting green to give us a little help with our short game.  We know that Scott can really bomb the ball off the tee, but let’s see what he has in store for us when it comes to touch around the putting surface.

Many golfers when they get close to the green automatically go right to the sand wedge or 60 degree wedge to chip with.  Those are excellent clubs to chip with if the golfer has a lot of time to practice the shots because it requires a great deal of touch and feel.  When chipping with wedges like that the swing is longer and needs to be more precise to achieve a good result.  More importantly if the swing is not just right, the bad shots can be very bad.  Scott does not recommend this type of chip for the average golfers.

He prefers a 7 iron or 8 iron to chip with when close to the putting surface, just off the fringe and in the rough.  It is a much easier shot to execute and there is much more room for error in the swing.  Scott recommends using a putting grip for this shot.  He also suggests addressing the ball in the exact same way as addressing a putt.  This takes the wrists out of the shot and we all know that can be the biggest problem for golfers when chipping. The stroke for this shot is very much like the putting stroke.  Straight back and through the ball to bump the ball into the air just a tad and get in on the green and rolling toward the pin.  It is much easy to execute than any other type of chip shot around the green.  Not only is it and easier shot to play but it has a higher success rate as far as getting the ball close to the hole that chipping the ball with a wedge.

For more information about getting lessons from Scott or to make a tee time visit the website at www.riveroaksgolfplantation.com or call the golf shop at 843.236.2222 and Scott and his great staff will be happy to assist.


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