We get one last golf tip from our great friend, Jeff Pianelli on this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand.  Jeff is the PGA Head Golf Professional at Rivers Edge Golf Club in Shallotte, North Carolina.  Jeff is leaving Rivers Edge as he has accepted an offer from a golf course in northern Virginia.  We are going to miss Jeff and we are glad to get one last playing tip from him before he goes.  it is very useful to most of us weekend hackers.  So play very close attention to what he has to say.

We going to learn ways to work on losing the dreaded “slice” that most of us have and cannot get away from.  The first thing Jeff talks about is the swing plane.  We need to get on the proper swing plane if we are going to do anything right.  “Casting” is a big problem many golfers have when they slice the ball.  That simply described is taking the club back too far on the inside and the overcorrcting and taking the swing too far outside on the way to impact.  That will cause a slice every time.

Alignment sticks can be a huge help in correcting this mistake.  One stick on the ground to line up the feet.  One stick standing straight up directly behind the proper swing path and one stick angled at the correct wing angle the club should be on.  When properly placed these can help us visualize where the club needs to be at all times during the swing to hopefully straighten us out.

The first move in the golf swing is to take our hands out away from the body to start the backswing.  At the top of the backswing we then drop our  arms down into the proper swing slot to drive the clubhead through the golf ball.  It is the exact opposite of what we talked about above when we discussed “casting”.  If we can get this basic move right in the swing we will be in good shape to put a good swing on the ball.

This is a simple drill that can be done in the backyard or the driving range.  Once we get our muscle memory changed to follow this new swing path we will loose the slice or the “power fade” as we like to call it.  That will make for much better shots and lead to much better scores on the scorecard.We want to wish Jeff all the best and good luck in his new adventure in Northern Virginia.  We will miss you Pro!


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