Farmstead Golf Links is where we find ourselves for this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand.  Farmstead is the home of the par 6 18th hole that plays in both North Carolina and South Carolina.  This is one of the most unique finishing holes in all of golf.  It is a mammoth 767-yard hole that can be very intimidating at the tee box.  Considering the tee box is in South Carolina and the putting surface is in North Carolina that can make golfers wary of what lies ahead.  Oh and depending on the quality of the tee shot, golfers STILL may not be able to see the green on their second shot.

We are going to take a look at how to play this extremely unique and intimidating hole.  It does not have to be a hard golf hole.  It really doesn’t. The hard part is the mental aspect of not thinking about how long the hole is and the fact that golfers have probably never played a par 6 before teeing it up at Farmstead.  The approach should be simple and cautious and par should be an achievable score.

First things first. Do not worry about where the tee shot ends up.  Length is not as important as keeping the ball in the very, very wide fairway.  Remember that we are looking at 4 shots to reach the green.  The hole is 679 yards from the white tees that most amateurs play.  That is four 170 yard shots.  So a big drive is not necessary.

The second shot is more critical than the tee ball.  The left side of the fairway all the way around the left side of the green is protected by a large pond.  An aggressive line is to play near the edge of the pond to shorten the hole and potentially have a shot at reaching the green in 3 for longer hitters. The smart shot is to play to the middle-right of the fairway and set up an angle for the 3rd shot.

The 3rd shot will be the first test of nerves on this hole.  The landing area where the average golfer will be hitting into in the narrowest part of the fairway as it approaches the putting surface.  Water left and trees and high grass right makes for a visually tough shot.

It is finally time to hit the approach shot into the green.  Now we are into North Carolina as the state line runs about 100 yards or so from the front of the green.  Water guards the green left around to the back of the putting surface and bunkers are short on both sides.  A solid wedge or short iron in is the ticket to a putt at birdie.

See…just like we said…the par 6 18th hole at Farmstead Golf Links is not that hard to play at all.  Well, maybe it is easier said than done.  Come play it and find out!

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