This time on Tee It Up Grand Strand we visit with General Manager, Patrick Wilkinson in the Clubhouse at Diamondback Golf Course at Woodland Valley Country Club off Highway 9 just outside of North Myrtle Beach.  A hidden gem for sure, Diamondback always has fun and exciting things going on at their facility.  We can’t wait to hear what Patrick has to share with us this month.  It is always great to visit with our friend.

Patrick loves to point out the fact that there are only a handful of homes located on the golf course.  That is pretty rare along the grand strand.  Along those same lines, there are no holes running parallel to each other.  Once teeing off on No.1 the clubhouse is not visible again until coming back in on No. 9.  The same thing on the back side.  After teeing off No. 10 golfers won’t see the back porch until coming the 18th fairway.  Also some unique circumstances for the Myrtle Beach area.  All the holes stand alone.  Golfers will feel like they are alone on the course.  Each hole is its own experience.

A very unique feature at Diamondback is the greens.  They have Jensen ultra-dwarf bermuda greens.  They are the only golf course for 400 miles that have these type of greens.  This grass thrives in the heat of the southeast.  It is very puttable and durable too.

The management has decided to have some fun with the name Diamondback.  The tee boxes are now named after different types of snakes.  Nobody else can claim that.  It is a fun story to take away from the experience and golf buddies about when recommending they come play the course.

The fairways are kept very tight.  The grass is mowed low to allow for maximum roll which can either work for or against golfers.  The fairways are also fairly narrow and most definitely tree lined.  It is a challenge off the tee to say the least.  Diamondback Golf Club is in no way, shape or form a “grip it and rip it” golf course.  Control of direction and distance is at a premium when teeing it up at this modern Russell Breeden design.

After the round be sure to visit the great bar and seating area in the clubhouse.  The fully stocked bar is sure to have something to quench golfers thirst at the end of a challenging day on the course.  Take the drink out onto the balcony and enjoy the amazing view of the premises.  A great end to a great day.

For more information visit or call 843.756.3264 and Patrick and his staff will be happy to answer any questions.


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