On this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand we take a look at the par 5s at Crow Creek Golf Club in Calabash, North Carolina.  This is a very fun golf course to play and it is a short drive just north of Myrtle Beach just across the state line.  Part of what makes Crow Creek a fun golf course are the par 5 holes it has.  Each hole presents a different kind of challenge and we are going to talk about what we think is the best way to play each of them.

The 3rd hole is the first par 5 we come across in the round.  This 471 yard hole is a slight dog-leg left that requires good ball position off the tee if we want to be aggressive with the 2nd shot.  For longer hitters that want to challenge the corner it is possible to reach the green in 2 shots.  For the average golfer it is better to play ball position off the tee.  Be careful of the sand trap about 75 yards short of the green when laying up.  From a good layup we have just a wedge shot into a fairly open putting surface and with a good shot we can have a shot at birdie.Next up is the 533 yard 7th hole that is much more demanding all the way around.  The fairway is somewhat narrow all the way to the green putting a premium on accuracy.  Water guards the right side of the hole from tee to green.  There is a small stream running down the left side of the tee box to about half way downtown he fairway.  A layup is needed and it needs to favor the left side of the fairway to provide the best angle to the green.  The larger putting surface is welcoming to short irons and wedges that will be hit into it.  Par is a very good score on this hole.

As we move to the back nine the 505 yard 12th hole is another challenging par 5 with water along the right hand side and plenty of fairway bunkers waiting to gobble up wayward drives.  Once off the tee the second shot must navigate the dogleg right to the green.  The fairway gets narrow as it approaches the green as well.  A good layup shot is required if we want any chance at a par or birdie.

Ths 18th hole is the final par 5 at Crow Creek.  This 517 yard finishing hole requires a short carry over water off the tee to a wide fairway landing area.  Longer hitters may have a shot a the green in 2 here but for the rest of us there is a wide landing area about 100 yards short of the green that should be the target.  After 2 good shots the approach should be a green light special to go for the pin with a wedge or short iron and finish the day with a birdie.  The green is oddly shaped so make sure to hit the correct portion of the surface to set up a birdie putt.  This is a very fun hole to finish a wonderful round of golf.

For more information visit the website crowcreekgolf.com



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