We get a golf tip from PGA Head Professional at Crow Creek, Jimmy Biggs on this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand.  It is always fun learning something new from our good friend Mr. Biggs.  Jimmy is a heck of a golfer so we should all probably pay very close attention to what he has to say today.  It will help shave a few strokes off the scorecard.

Today Jimmy is helping with getting out of the trees.  What?  Who hits is in the trees?  Oh yeah…we all do!  The tip is for a low shot the get the ball back into the fairway if the ball is not only in the trees but the shot requires a low trajectory.  That is not an easy shot for sure.  We all struggle with keeping the ball low coming out of the trees.  He is also focusing on drawing the ball as well, because most amateurs slice the ball off the tee so a draw shot out of the trees can be necessary to get back into play.

This low hook, punch shot is fairly simple to hit.  Jimmy prefers an iron with a little more loft like a 7-iron.  The reason is that we are going to hood the club or deloft it.  This provides the low ball flight.  Play the ball from the middle to back of the stance, choke up on the club slightly and take the club back low.  Then swing the club from the inside to the outside.  That creates right-to-left spin on the ball which in turn creates the desired low running shot that will turn left and run out.  A very useful shot from trees.

The more that we can get the swing from the inside to the outside the more it will go from the right to the left.  Again, delofting the club and playing in the back portion of the stance is key.  Stay down throught the shot with a low take away keeping the club face closed and swinging from in to out will make for solid and confident recovery shots and cut down on our time spent in the “shade”.

Get out to Crow Creek Golf Club and see Jimmy and his staff.  The golf course is in great shape and the fall weather is perfect for golfing.  Visit the website at www.crowcreekgolf.com or call the pro shop at 910.287.3081 to make a tee time.  Tell Jimmy we sent you!!

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