January is a busy month at Farmstead Golf Links.  That is where we are heading on this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand.  General Manager, Jason Monahan was very excited to talk to us about all the work going on and the events happening this winter “on the state line”.  We will loook at some of the highlights coming up in the next 30-45 days at one of the favorite courses on the north end of the Grand Strand.First of all, Jason would like to remind golfers that come to Farmstead to play this month that they in fact, are NOT, in Canada. It is just the snowbirds that love to play there.  Farmstead Golf Links, along with their sister course, Meadowlands Golf Club, have built a fantastic snowbird program over the last 10 years.  Many of the players that take advantage of the membership are spending the winter in the Carolinas to escape the cold, harsh Canadian winter.  The courses have come a favorite of many Canadian golfers.

“They absolutely love our facilities here at Farmstead and at Meadowlands and we love them” said Jason.  “It is great each and every winter knowing that we are about to see our neighbors from the north come to town and play our course for a few months.”

There is also a unique and fun event coming to Farmstead on the 4th of February.  The “Superintendent’s Revenge” is an incredible day of golf that will challenge and befuddle and bewilder and frustrate golfers.  Oh, and the will have an absolute blast while experiencing all those emotions.

What is The superintendent’s revenge?  It is a day when the golf course is set up ridiculously difficult on purpose.  All the pin placements will be located on the toughest part of the greens.  Some greens won’t even have flags and some will have the flags in the wrong part of the green (not at the hole).  The tees will be set up on the sides of hills or in sand traps or in the trees or as far away as possible.  It is usually played in pairs and they teams that can “survive” will win.  It is as much fun as golfers can possible have while shooting very high scores!

As always, the golf course is in spectacular condition this time of year.  The new putting green is getting close to being open.  The tee sheets are filling up for the spring already.  Times are good at Farmstead Golf Links right now and we think golfers need to get to the course to play as soon as possible to see what everyone there is excited.

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