We like to give playing tips to our readers on Tee It Up Grand Strand.  What we do is take our golf courses and talk about how to play the holes.  Today we talk about playing the par 5s at Cape Fear National Golf Course in Wilmington, North Carolina.  It is a tremendously scenic golf course that is a must play for any golfer living in or visiting the Cape Fear region.  The par 5s are solid tests for golfers of any skill level and all ages.  We love a good challenge on a 5 par.  Having to think about ball placement and angles into the greens adds an element to the game that excites us.  As always, we take the amateur perspective on how to play the holes.  So let’s get started.

It does not take long to get to the first par 5 as we see it on the 487 yard 2nd hole.  Talk about placement golf!  The tee shot has to carry water to the landing area of the fairway.  The fairway generous enough to accept most tee shots.  From there we have to carry some “non-fairway” area with the second shot to set up our approach.  Be careful to avoid the water that runs along the right hand side of the fairway up to the green.  The approach shot should be nothing more than a short iron or wedge to a smallish putting surface.  If we hit the green in regulation we should have a decent shot at birdie but most assuredly we walk away with par.

The 8th hole is a 500 yard test that has water bordering the entire length of the hole down the right side.  Yikes!  Be sure to keep tee balls left.  A slight dogleg awaits the second shot.  Lay it up to a good yardage for the approach.  The green is narrow with a bunker between the putting surface and the water.  Club selection is paramount if there is any chance at a four.  Par is a very good score on this hole.  We will gladly take a par and run to the 9th tee!

As we make the turn we get to the 11th hole for the next par 5.  This 473 yard hole again has water on the right hand side of the fairway leading up to the green.  The landing area off the tee is generous so take advantage and get in a good spot.  The fairway narrows along the water for the second shot.  Again the 3rd shot should be a wedge or short iron to a fairly open green.  Another hole that par is a very good score.

The last par 5 is the 499 yard 15th hole.  This time the water hazard can be found along the left hand side of the fairway from about halfway down the hole all the way through the green.  Hit a good tee shot to set up a second shot that needs to be along the right hand side to set up a good angle to the green.  Avoid the bunker to the right of the green and hopefully have a crack at birdie on this nice sized green.  That would be a great way to cap off the par 5s.

For more information about Cape Fear National or to make a tee time visit the website www.hbrunswickforest.com/championship-golf or call the golf shop at 910.383.3283


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