This Tee It Up Grand Strand visit takes us up to Cape Fear National Golf Club in Wilmington, NC.  Blake Valand gives us another great golf tip on how to play his golf course. (Or any golf course for that matter).  We take a look this time at how to hit a low tradgetory layup shot when approaching a par 5.  Ball position in the fairway can be very important to set up an easy approach shot to get a good look at a birdie.  We all love making birdies!

Blake is the 1st Assistant Professional at Cape Fear National and he always has something good for amateur golfers to consider and to work on to improve their game.  We don’t often think about the importance of a layup shot but do not be fooled, they can make or break a scoring chance if not done properly.


A low punch shot is a very safe way to advance the ball down the fairway with some control.  This is obviously a way to play into the wind as well.  There is not a whole lot to this shot.  It is simple and should be easy for amateur golfers to execute.

Start will ball placement.  The golf ball needs to be in the middle of the stance.  Next make sure that more of body weight is on the front foot.  That helps the club kind of drag through the hitting zone on a lower path which keeps the ball flight down.  Also be sure to use a mid iron like a 5-iron for this shot.  It is easy to hit and control in this situation.

Once the ball is in middle of the stance and the weight is mostly on the front foot, just take a regular golf swing.  There is no need to change anything at all.  The ball being further back and the weight pressed forward will automatically make the swing stay low through impact and subsequently keep the ball flight down.

Hitting a “stinger” like shot will help control the ball down the fairway.  It helps keep the ball from getting caught up in any wind and moving it around and causing the ball to end up in a bad spot to approach the green.  This is a good approach for amateurs to take to help keep the ball in play to make a good, easy approach shot to the green and have a chance a birdie.

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