We get to see behind the curtain so to speak on this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand.  We take a visit to see what our friend Scott Taylor and his staff at River Oaks Golf Plantation are up to this spring.  The golf course is in fantastic shape and we get to take a look at the work they do behind the scene and bright and early before golfers show up at the course to play.  This is going to be fun!

Golf course superintendent and his staff put in many, many hours each and every week preparing the golf course to be at its very best for the visiting golfers and locals alike.  There is an entire world behind the scenes at a golf course that most people never get to see and Scott is going to take us there now.

The maintenance shed looks like a yard of a construction site.  There is plenty of heaven equipment including tractors, mowers, back hoes and a few others.  The back hoe with front loader is used for many big projects on the property.  The tractor is used to help move large piles of various types of debris that come up throughout the seasons.  There are a few types of mowers.  Some mow the rough, some mow the fairways and others are specific for the greens.

Another important piece of equipment in the maintenance shed is the sand pro.  This piece is used in the fairway and green side bunkers to rake them out daily and keep the sand in great playable shape for the golfers.  Another important use for the sand pro is recovery of sand after heavy rains.  When the sand washes to the bottom of bunkers with high faces on them, the sand pro can push the sand back up to the sides to keep the sand where it is needed in the bunker.

Another important piece of equipment in the shop is the spraying equipment.  Golf courses have to spray for various reasons all through the year.  Spraying the golf course effectively and efficiently is vital to ensuring the plush, green look that golfers love.

As you can see there is a lot of equipment used each and every day at River Oaks that keeps the golf course in the great shape that golfers have come to know and love.  There are many hardworking and dedicated people working thankless hours.




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