We always enjoy the playing tips we get from the club pros here on Tee It Up Grand Strand and this month is no exception.  Blake Valand, the 1st Asst. Professional at Cape Fear National gives us some advice on how to get out of the nasty high grass and general nasty stuff golfers can find themselves in on his golf course if they miss the fairway a little too much.  We all have been there and we all wish we had a way to get out and back into the fairway so we can figure out a way to save par.

Blake is specifically talking about how to hit a low, driving, draw shot out of trouble.  This is a very helpful shot to have in the bag for not only in the high grass or bad rough but also if a golfer finds themselves in the trees with a lot of low hanging branches with no window to take a higher shot.  A low, hooking shot can save the day when it is executed properly.  It is easier to hit than we might think.

First, Blake talks about the ball position for the shot.  That is easy.  Keep the ball in the same ball position we would for a normal golf shot.  Golfers tend to make the mistake of moving the ball around in their stance and change their swing plane when trying to hit a recovery shot.  For this shot the ball needs to stay in the normal spot.

The stance is different. When addressing the ball the front foot stays in the normal position.  The back foot is the 1 that we change.  The back foot needs to be moved back away from the ball.  The toes of the back foot need to be lined up with the heal of the front foot.  This creates a closed stance and makes it simpler to hit the draw part of the shot.

From this position we will take a normal swing with one exception.  On the follow through Blake says we need to release the right hand through more and really turn it over after making contact with the ball.  This will aid the ball in turning over and getting not only the draw but the run on the ball that we need to get it furhter down the fairway since we are not hitting it high in the air.

For more tips from Blake give a call to the golf shop or visit the website at capefearnational.com and sign up for a lesson with Blake.  

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