We get yet another useful golf tip from our good friend, Blake Valand at Cape Fear National on this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand.  Blake is the First Assistant at Cape Fear National and always has a great tip for hitting shots that golfers come across seemingly in every round.  They definitely will face the shots when playing his course.

Hitting a shot with the ball below the golfers feet or the downhill or side hill lie is tough for golfers of all ability levels.  Staying down on the ball and keeping balance through the shot is very difficult for most amateur golfers.  Blake talks to us about how to do both.  The tip is pretty simple and easy to do with some practice and concentration when executing the shot.Blake is speaking to us today from the par 5 15th hole and is looking at a severe side hill lie with the ball at least 12 inches below his feet.  The important thing to remember is the we are taller than normal in this situation.  When addressing the golf ball be sure to stand closer to the ball and keep the weight on the heels.  Most golfers tend to bend over more on a downhill lie and that is bad because it can cause a loss of balance and the result is a bad swing.  By standing closer to the ball is brings the ball back into the normal swing plane allowing the golfer to take a normal swing.

Next, be sure to play the ball a little further back in the stance.  Being closer to the ball moves the contact point a little further toward the middle of the stance.  We also need to aim our setup more left of the target line to allow for the ball to come off the shot on a curve to the right based on the severity of the hillside.

The final piece of the puzzle is the swing.  In this case it is the easiest part.  Take a normal swing.  It is that simple.  If the setup has changed properly and the ball is in the correct place in the stance all the golfer has to do is swing the club normally.  The change in stance and setup will allow the ball to come out of the side hill lie.

For more information or to schedule a lesson with Blake visit the website www.capefearnational.com.

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