It is not very often on Tee It Up Grand Strand that we give a personal account of a round played at any of our partner golf courses.  Today we are going to talk about playing Arcadian Shores Golf Club. We have to.  The course is in fantastic shape.  Last week was the first time in awhile that we got a chance to play this outstanding Rees Jones design. Shame on us for waiting that long to play it.

Before we get into the round we have to thank our good friend and PGA Head Professional/General Manager of Arcadian Shores, Frank Coughlin for the opportunity to play.  The golf course will be closing in mid-May for a facelift.  New greens, new cart paths and updating of bunkers are on the menu for the summer months.  That being said the golf course is currently in very good shape, so everyone should be really excited to see how nice it will be in the fall when it re-opens.

We hit the 10th tee box for our first hole of the day.  Both nines are great so it does not matter which order the sides are played.  It was a sunny and breezy day as the springtime wind was blowing off the Atlantic Ocean which is only a few blocks from the course.  It was a one club wind all afternoon.  What that does at Aracadian is take an golf course that already demands accuracy on approach shots and makes it that much more of a challenge.  

Aside from the wind everything else was tremendous.  From tee box to putting surface, the course was incredible. The fairways rolled very nicely and with the windy conditions it was a help to get some extra roll on the tee ball.  The first cut of rough as thick but fair so there was a bit of premium of hitting the fairway (which I don’t do very regularly).

Once we got to the greens that is where the course really left the impression.  The green side bunkers were white and soft and great to play out of.  We had to play some shots out of them and were happy to see some great sand to play from.

The greens were spectacular!  Before the round was over a text was sent to Frank telling him it was ironic that the greens are being replaced this summer because the current greens are in as good of shape as we have ever seen them there.  Very receptive and rolling very true, putting the ball on these greens was absolute the highlight of the afternoon.

If there is a chance to get out to play Aracadian Shores before they close for the summer we highly suggest that golfers take it.  It will be well worth their while.

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