Once again we get a great golf tip on Tee It Up Grand Strand as we talk with Brett Thomaswick at Sandpiper Bay Golf & Country Club.  Brett is the PGA Head Professional at Sandpiper Bay and is helping us with a tip on how to it one of the toughest situations golfers will ever find themselves in.  Nobody likes to hit out of the sand traps around the putting surfaces on the golf courses but we most definitely don’t want to find ourselves face with the a buried ball near the lip in the bunker.  That is what we are going to learn how to hit today.First of all, Brett recommends that we practice this shot at a practice facility at a driving range or golf course before ever trying it on the course. This is not only a tough situation but a tough shot to execute so practicing the shot first is highly recommended.

Instead of taking a normal sand shot approach where we hit under or behind the ball with the clubface open so that the sand can throw the ball out of the sand, Brett says we need to turn the sand wedge to a different position.  He says we need to turn the club to the inside and hold it so that the front edge of the club will face the golf ball.  Not the bottom edge but the front edge.  Turn the wedge over almost upside down so the toe of the club becomes the lead edge.

The key to this is now the clubhead acts like a knife or blade of a shovel as it cuts through the sand.  This allows the club more easily get through the sand and down to the buried golf ball.

The grip is different on the shot as well.  Brett says to hold the club about as loose as we can without it flying out of our hands when swinging.  This allows the clubface to turn to its normal position once we make contact with the sand and allows the club to work as it normally would in a sand shot.  It will turn and slide under the buried golf ball and lift it out of the sand and out onto the putting surface.  Now we see what this is a shot that must be practiced before ever trying on the course.

The final part is to make a normal sand shot swing.  Let the angle of the club and the loose grip do the work of digging the ball out of the buried lie and get the ball on the green.  The swing needs to be a normal swing.  It is an amazing shot if executed correctly.



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