myrtle-beach-golfMyrtle Beach Golf

Although we use the term Myrtle Beach Golf, the area being described encompasses much more than the named city. Over 85 golf course lie along a 60 mile stretch of the Atlantic Ocean from all the way north to Wilmington, North Carolina nearly to Georgetown South Carolina on the southern most end.

Golf course variety, course conditions, unmatched accommodations, and year round play sum up the benefits that have made Myrtle Beach a global golf destination for over 25 years. Golfers can play on green grass in Myrtle Beach year round on almost all courses. Rye-grass over seeding begins in early fall and offers lush fairways all the way through our mild winters into spring when the Bermuda comes out of dormancy. Many golfers enjoy the contrast of green fairways against the brown dormant Bermuda rough. Although lately, we’ve some wall-to-wall over seeding on some courses.

Being a global tourist destination, Myrtle Beach has an abundance of accommodations, dining options, nightlife, shopping, and entertainment. Myrtle Beach golf peak seasons are in the spring and fall, while the heavier tourist season occurs during the summer months. There are some overlapping periods that affect lodging rates for golfers. As one might expect lodging in peak tourism season is higher than the shoulder seasons. But, for the most part, golfers can have their choice of accommodations during golf seasons.

Things have certainly changed over the past 10 years as far as golf course numbers and ownership. An over saturation of courses during the national golf boom had this area stuffed with over 120 courses. As the economy suffered, so did golf. Supply and demand along with a tough golf economy caused the closing of many courses over the decade. Myrtle Beach Golf is on the rebound. With a strengthening economy and folks spending more discretionary income, golf travel is up slightly, and that’s been enough to change the the last minute booking patterns that were allowed to develop during slower periods.  Golfers who wait til the last minute to set up their golf vacations are finding the best (close to course) accommodations and most popular tee times are not available. This is especially troublesome for larger groups where logistics are more complicated. We saw this beginning to develop in the fall of 2014, and by spring 2015 the peak periods were booked up. So, golfers….get prepared earlier to have the best selections.

Another development that has occurred in the past several months was the purchase of 27 golf courses by Chinese investors. One entity purchased 22 courses and the other 5 were purchased by 3 other investors. The much acclaimed cash deals have nearly a third of the courses now operating debt-free. The short term benefits are obvious for who needed to sell, but we believe this development will create  longer-term benefits to the area and our golf market.

The Myrtle Beach golf market is poised to continue its reign as the Seaside Golf Capital of the World as we head into a new digital online era. The golf industry may have lagged a bit behind other business in the digital area, but the golf marketing entities associated with this area are progressively taking action to prepare for the future of golf.



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