myrtle-beach-golf-membershipsMyrtle Beach Golf Memberships

With 85+ golf courses in the Myrtle Beach area, Myrtle Beach golf memberships are widely available.  More than 50 Myrtle Beach Golf courses offer individual membership opportunities with great savings to play as a members at an individual golf course. A few of those have some reciprocal agreements with other membership facilities to spice up the program.

Many golfers prefer to not have to play the same courses over and over and find it hard to justify costs for limited membership play.  If you’re one of those and like a little more variety you can choose from some of the very popular multi-course golf memberships like the Myrtle Beach Passport or The Platinum Golf Membership. There are advantages associated with both these great programs, and you should check them both thoroughly for their complete benefits and offerings before signing on the line.

With the length of stay in the area, most Snowbirds will benefit with multi-course Myrtle Beach Golf Memberships over the individual course offerings. But, that really depends upon whether the golfer is looking to play the same few courses, or whether they would prefer a program that favors multiple course play. Some of the multi-course memberships also include gift cards and free rounds. The gift cards can be redeemed for food & beverage, certain equipment items, and even more golf. So, it’s worth the time to do the research to find the deal that best suits your needs.

There’s a new service that has recently been launched to help golfers fine tune their searches for the best deals. Over time this service will be expanded with all the Myrtle Beach golf memberships information in the area. Visit to help you choose the best golf membership for you or your family.


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