Myrtle Beach Golf Course Map

mapMyrtle Beach Golf Course Map

With this Myrtle Beach golf course map the obvious size of our market area is readily noticeable.  Although the area is often referred to as Myrtle Beach, it encompasses the surrounding communities in North and South Carolina. The area spans about 60 miles of coastline from just south of Wilmington, North Carolina to Pawley’s Island, South Caroloina. By utilizing this interactive map, golfers can not only better plan their golf vacation, they can zoom into the golf courses for a closer look. Learning where the courses are relative to others and use this information optimize time and travel. Making a tee time on the south end from the north will require over an hour of travel at busier times of the year. Larger groups may still need the assistance of a golf packager to help with accommodations and logistics. Check out our Golf Packages tab for our recommendations. We’ve assembles the best of the best at both ends and the middle of our market.

Working As One

A a today’s digital environment dictates how we go to market, it has become most important to maximize our footprint on the web. Creating technology, tools (like this map), and resources as a unified group is never an easy task. But the ability of the Myrtle Beach golf course owners and other golf marketing entities to work together for the common good of our local golf industry makes this project possible.

Unmatched Resource

As we add golf courses to this project we’ll be adding their associated course websites, booking engines, course information, and will include their icon on this Myrtle Beach golf course map. So, check back often to watch our progress as we create and unmatched resource for researching and booking Myrtle Beach golf. Like us on facebook and follow us on twitter and by all means come see why Myrtle Beach remains the Seaside Golf Capital of the World.



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