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Golf PackagesGolf Packages

Golf packages for Myrtle Beach golf courses come with virtually unlimited variety and are perfect for certain groups. There’s now doubt that advances in technology have made online booking the choice of many golfers. But, larger groups can benefit greatly with the assistance of a knowledgeable golf packager. Coordinating tee times, assisting with schedule adjustments, and finding the right accommodations for your group can be a time-consuming nightmare for the unlearned. We’ve selected and hand-picked the best of the best for our golf packages offering.


From trip to trip most returning golfers choose to stay and play in a given area along the Grand Strand. We recommend choosing a golf packager who is located near the area in which you want to stay. Although we refer to the entire area as Myrtle Beach, there’s roughly 60 miles of coastline from the north end to the south with 85+ golf courses from which to choose. There’s nothing wrong with sampling both ends during your visit, just know travel time from north to south can make certain tee times tougher to make. Check out our golf map HERE to assist in your planning.


Consider the lifestyle you wish to include in your golf packages. Some golfers choose to stay near the nightlife and entertainment in the heart of Myrtle Beach while others like a quieter and more laid back visit. If you choose to go out partying at night, there are plenty of economical taxi and limo services to get your around safely. Ask your packager to recommend that service…he/she may even arrange it for you.


You can shop golf packages if you like, but you’ll find pricing on like options to be very close. The things that will obviously affect your pricing are the courses you choose and accommodations. It comes down to the relationship. Most golfers use the same packagers year after year. Getting to know your packager and having him/her get to know your golf lifestyle will make a huge difference.


Your satisfaction is our number one priority. A key element in that would be the choices of courses you play and how you play them. We highly recommend playing the courses and tee boxes that best fit your handicap. Most of the packagers play the courses regularly and can help you make those choices. If you’re a 20 handicap, and you decide to play Rivers Edge from the tips, make sure you take plenty of balls, and plan to have a longer round. Personally, we’ve found fewer lost balls and lower scores to be the best recipe for a great round.

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