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Myrtle-Beach-Golf-Course-listingMyrtle Beach Golf Course Listing

The Myrtle Beach golf course listing on this page is linked to individual websites for each golf course. Each website corresponding to the course listing / icon includes up to date information about the course along with a booking engine for booking rounds at that course. In an upcoming phase of our development, our powerful and robust booking engine will allow golfers the ability to bundle multiple golf courses into a shopping cart with one checkout. That release will be rolled out in 2016 with even more content for the project.


As the development of this project progresses, it is our goal and intent to include every golf course in the Myrtle Beach area.  Each course site will have a common layout with course specific information and a booking engine. Information directly from the course will be presented in video, audio, and text via our media partners at


Online tee time booking is growing at a rapid pace. Greater use of digital technology and tools at the golf course level is coming, but not soon enough to handle the current demands of online shoppers. In the aftermath of the great recession, golf course personnel are focused on improving and maintaining the quality of their product. We’ve developed as an immediate solution for bringing golf course information, technology, and tools to the consumer to meet online shopping demands.

Course Listing

Be sure to return here often as we grow the list of participating courses and create an unmatched resource for Myrtle Beach golfers. Watch our progress as wee create the most powerful and robust golf booking solution available. Like us on facebook and follow us on twitter! By all means come play Myrtle Beach golf! Vacation either end of the Grand Strand or in the middle and see why we are the Seaside Golf Capital of the World.

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