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2016 Myrtle Beach Golf Packages2016 Myrtle Beach Golf Packages

Most golfers began booking their 2016 Myrtle Beach Golf Packages last year…some as early as last Spring. Here we are coming up on the peak season and some folks are still waiting til the last minute to book. As has been the case for the past couple of years, on-course accommodations sell out during the peak weeks. The best tee times get booked up early. It just makes sense that the larger the group,the earlier you need to plan.

2016 Myrtle Beach Golf PackagesSome of the most popular packages available now are multi-play deals that include gift cards. We’ve found golfers gravitate to these deals. the gift cards are usually redeemable for golf, selected merchandise, and food and beverage. Check with your preferred package to get the details on mulit-play deals with gift cards.

We never know what to expect for weather here in Myrtle Beach, but our golfers never stop asking us in January if we think it will rain in March, April, or May. We really do not know in advance when it will rain, how much it will rain, or whether the courses will be cart path only when you arrive. It’s doubtful if we can even tell any of this right up until the day before you arrive. Although we represent the best golf packages in the area, long-term weather forecasting is not one of our strengths. We can tell you that it probably (with some certainty) tell you that it will not snow while you are here. Beyond that….we’re just not that good.

2016 Myrtle Beach Golf PackagesMore and more golfers want to book their tee times online. We’re moving in that direction as fast as technology allows. Look for more features on our booking engine in the near future. It is our goal to stay on the cutting edge for golf services. Let us know if there is some thing you would like to see that you’re not finding.

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